Episode #20: Stacy Trimble

Rebecca & Traci have a blast chatting with Stacy Trimble on today's episode of Story Cast. Stacy is a homeschooling mom of four, a pastor's wife, and a grower of animals and food. She, along with her family, live on a farm in east Texas where they strive to raise their soul provisions. Join our conversation with Stacy where we learn all about life on the farm and their journey into international adoption.

We had the best time hearing from Stacy about living on her family's farm in east Texas. She shares with us how this dream came to be and what her day to day life looks like homeschooling her four kiddos and raising animals and growing their own food. 

The Trimble family has been pursing adoption for over three years now. Stacy shares with us how their story of adoption started and about two precious children from Peru that they are working towards giving a forever home to. 

Links From the Show

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Connect with Stacy over on Instagram where she shares gorgeous images of life on Provision Farm.