Episode #39: Lydia Diaz

On this week's episode of Story Cast, Rebecca & Traci chat with Lydia Diaz. Lydia is an author, a business owner, and a strong woman of God. We chat about her family's journey through adoption and so much more! 

We have had the pleasure of knowing Lydia for many years now. Lydia's passion for women and for God are truly contagious. Her smile and passion light up a room!

Lydia starts off by sharing her family's journey with adoption and their reason for choosing the fostering to adopt path.

We chat about her brand new book, Confessions of a Christian in Network Marketing, and her reasons for writing the book and sharing her story with the world. Lydia also has a brand new business called Believing Truth on Etsy. You are definitely going to want to check out her beautiful prayer cards. 

Our favorite quote from our chat with Lydia is "Be inspired for others to live more authentically through her story." Love!

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