Story Cast #64: Jaclyn Hatcher

On this Monday's episode of Story Cast, Rebecca & Traci chat with Jaclyn Hatcher. Jaclyn is a blogger, mom of three boys and works for Jennifer Rothschild. 

We had a great time getting to know Jaclyn Hatcher on today's episode of Story Cast. 

We chat about everything from how she came to work for Jennifer Rothschild, author and speaker, to being a boy mom to three, yes THREE, very active boys. 

Jaclyn's blog is titled "Confessions of a Misfit Minister's Wife" and we personally think this title describes Jaclyn and her charismatic personality so well.

Jaclyn describes herself this way in her most recent blog post..."I laughed out loud because I often say I don’t fit. Not completely, anyway. I’ve always been an outgoing introvert (which is possible, by the way) who loves alone time just as much as lunch with friends, and a long hot bath spent reading and reading (and reading some more) just as much as going to the movies with my boys, but none of that quite as much as I love a date with my husband.  Going to parties kind of stresses me out, but planning a party?!? I’m all in. I’m about as overly-sensitive as they come. Bossy. Controlling. A quiet observer who somehow can’t keep her mouth shut. I think it, I say it. And then, I often regret it. But then somewhere in there, typically bigger than most anything else is this worrier-people-pleasing-sensitive-to-others person who knows that most of those traits aren’t beneficial to me or anyone else." 

You can check out the entire post here

We hope you enjoy our chat with Jaclyn as much as we did!

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