Story Cast #63: Meagan Lissner

On this week's episode of Story Cast Traci & Rebecca chat with Meagan Lissner, owner of Moss-"Where Flowers Are Fair", over coffee. Meagan shares how her passion for fairly traded flowers was born and all about the new church that she and her husband are in the process of starting.

It was such a blast chatting with Meagan and hearing her passion for all she has going on in her life. Meagan is the co-owner of Moss-"Where Flowers Are Fair", a local flower shop right here in Tyler, Texas. 

Meagan shares how Moss was born and her passion for fair trade which fed her passion for creating a business centered around fairly traded flowers. Meagan has learned the craft of creating beautiful flower arrangements over many years of experience. What started as a part time job in a friend's flower shop has turned into a business with a strong purpose.

Meagan and her husband, Patrick, are in the start up phase of planting a brand new church here in Tyler, Texas. She opens up about their vision for the church and shares her heart on what she and Patrick pray for this new place of worship for families in our community.

Meagan's passion for living out her life in a way that is central to her commitment to loving people well is evident in our chat today. Enjoy!


Moss-"Where Flowers Are Fair"

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