Story Cast #66: Abby Banks

On this Monday's episode of Story Cast, Rebecca & Traci chat with Abby Banks. Abby is a brand new author and the proud mother of Wyatt. Wyatt was paralyzed with an autoimmune disease when he was just 7 months old. She shares their story with us!

Abby Banks.jpg

Abby's youngest son, Wyatt, was paralyzed by an autoimmune disease when he was 7 months old. His disability has changed the lives of each member of their family. They are living a life that they didn't plan, but they have learned to find hope and joy in the midst of the hard places. Abby wants their story to give hope to mothers who just received a devastating diagnosis for their children. Life can be amazing even when it's hard!

Abby is passionate about loving her family well and sharing the love of Jesus. Over the past several years, God has been cultivating a desire in Abby's heart to reach special needs mom. That is why she decided to write Wyatt's story while they are in the heart of it. Love Him Anyway: Finding Hope in the Hardest Places is their story. 

In our conversation with Abby we chat about Wyatt's diagnoses, their wonderful experience with Shriner's Hospital and how God is using Wyatt to bless so many other people. We know you are going to be just as blessed by Abby's story as we were! Enjoy!


Love Him Anyway: Finding Hope in the Hardest Places