Story Cast #69: Michelle Spadafora

On this episode of Story Cast, Traci & Rebecca interview Michelle Spadafora of Faithful Workouts, an online program she has developed to help people move into greater levels of health, faith and fitness. 

We loved getting to know Michelle on today's episode of Story Cast. Michelle has taken all she has learned over her 30+ years in health and fitness and made it accessible to everyone through her online program, Faithful Workouts. She not only helps her participants get healthy and fit, but also break free from the mindset that has been holding them back from health and fitness.

Michelle's work combines the biblical truth behind faith, fitness and food in all that she does with Faithful Workouts. Michelle became a Christian in 2004 and quickly realized that no one had ever invited her to church or told her about Jesus. Only 7% of the people where she lives in Colorado attend church. After giving her life to Jesus, God opened her heart to her love of health and fitness as her new ministry. She now teaches workouts and meal planning but most importantly, she teaches her clients about Jesus. In all that she does!

While you are checking Michelle out at Faithful Workouts, make sure and head on over to and learn more about Michelle's cooking show.

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