Episode #30: Stefanie McNeely

On this episode of Story Cast, Traci & Rebecca interview Stefanie McNeely, the creator behind Moon Rivers Naturals. Stefanie shares her story behind how Moon Rivers was born and how it is allowing her family to pursue their passions.

What started out as soap making at home has turned into a family business named after their son, River. Moon Rivers Naturals makes body products using local, organic and real ingredients. 

On this episode of Story Cast, Stefanie McNeely chats with us right from her shop in Tyler, TX. It was so fun going on location to record and hear her story. 

Stefanie shares how Moon Rivers Naturals was born, her love of simple, pure and organic ingredients and where she sees the company going from here. 

Her passion for chasing her dream and creating something that is centered around her entire family is so inspiring. Enjoy this episode!

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