Episode #33: Maggie Ghrist

On this week's episode of Story Cast, Traci & Rebecca talk with Maggie Ghrist. Maggie lives with her husband and three boys in East Africa. Maggie's husband's family founded Lighthouse for Christ where they still serve today. 

We had a great time chatting with Maggie in person on this week's episode of Story Cast.

Maggie and her family live in Kenya in East Africa where they are missionaries working with Lighthouse for Christ. Lighthouse for Christ has been healing physical and spiritual blindness since 1969. 

Maggie and her family are back home in Texas for six months while they vacation, visit family, and visit their supporting churches. We chat about what it is like to live and raise her three boys in East Africa and their mission work there. 

Interwoven in our conversation was talk of not putting God in a box, letting him interrupt our day and to simply be willing to be used by him. 

Enjoy this episode of Story Cast! You will be blessed!

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