Episode #37: Beth Reed

On this week's episode of Story Cast Rebecca & Traci visit with Beth Reed. Beth works for the nonprofit Sight.org.

Beth Reed works for the nonprofit, Sight.org here in Tyler, TX. Sight.org restores the sight of those living in Togo, Africa suffering with preventative eye diseases. They do cataract and pterygium surgeries, glaucoma treatments, and eyeglasses. 

Beth shares her story of how she was called to be a missionary and what led her to Sight.org. She shares with us the mission behind Sight.org, how it was born, and how we as a community can support this important cause. 

Beth shares with us some of her passions, one being art. We love the story of her gorgeous tattoo and how it is the marriage of both her love of mission work and art. 

On October 4th, Sight.org is hosting an event called The Joy of Sight Night. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in this organization. 

Enjoy this episode of Story Cast!

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