Episode #38: Leslie James

This week's episode of Story Cast is full of great wisdom. Leslie James shares her journey of saying yes out of obedience to God and where He has her now. 

We have such a great chat with Leslie James on this week's episode. After recording each episode we always look at one another and say how much we, Traci and Rebecca, needed to hear that story. And today's episode didn't disappoint.

The main topic..."Saying YES out of obedience!" 

Leslie is a mom of three boys. We have a blast chatting about them and sharing parenting stories. 

Leslie is the founder of Alter Ministries. What started off as leading women's bible study to writing her own studies to speaking, Leslie has a passion for promoting, motivating, and encouraging change in the hearts of women.  

Her mission is to help women live the fullest life Christ came to give us. 

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