Episode #42: Jenn Hand

On this episode of Story Cast, Rebecca & Traci meet a new friend and fall in love right away. Jenn Hand is the founder and Executive Director of Coming Alive Ministries. 

Jenn Hand's spirit and love for people and Jesus shines throughout our entire conversation. You are absolutely going to LOVE Jenn!

Jenn is the founder of Coming Alive Ministries. Coming Alive Ministries exists to provide an invitation to come alive and live alive in Christ in the midst of your everyday.

We chat about living our God sized dream, her time as a missionary and all the wonderful adventures that God has her on these days. Jenn shares what she believes are the 3 Bs of living a life without meaning in Christ. Busy, Bored, or Burdened. You aren't going to want to miss her share her heart on this one!

This episode is filled with small nuggets of wisdom that will transform your life if you let it! Enjoy!

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