Episode #12: Holly Tomlin

Oh my! This episode of Story Cast is going to change your life. Traci and Rebecca have the pleasure of chatting with Holly Tomlin. Holly openly shares with all of us her very recent journey through cancer. Grab your tissues and get ready to be changed!

Holly started her blog "Living In Freedom As a Woman" as an answer to God's calling for her to share her story. In the blog's infancy its purpose was to empower women to let go of perfectionism and to live an authentic life. 

In the summer of 2015 Holly's story took a new turn. She was diagnosed with cancer. Through her journey with cancer, she  has learned where her true identity lies. In Jesus. And she so openly shares her story with all of us on today's episode of Story Cast. Her story will change your life if you will let it. 

Scriptures that Holly shares on today's episode:
Psalm 62:6
2 Chronicles 20:1-23
Psalm 30:11,12

Enjoy the show!

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