Episode #13: Kylie Barker

Rebecca and Traci have the pleasure of chatting with Kylie Barker on today's episode of Story Cast. Kylie and her husband are the founders of the EDGE Institute and currently live in Iraq. Kylie shares how Edge came about and what life is like living in Iraq. 

We are so inspired by Kylie! Kylie and her husband, Jeremy live with their two children in Iraq. They are the founders of the non profit the EDGE Institute out of Washington D.C.,  investing in education that makes a difference all around the world. 

On today's episode Kylie shares with us how EDGE was born, her passion for teaching and her love of Iraq. 

Kylie is a mom of two precious littles and we loved hearing about life in Iraq with babies. You are going to love this episode of Story Cast! Be inspired!!

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