Episode #1: Traci Dixon & Rebecca Renfrow

Story Cast #1 is with your hosts, Traci Dixon & Rebecca Renfrow. We couldn't be more thrilled to be bringing you our very first episode of Story Cast. A podcast that provides women a stage to share their unique stories.

On this first episode of Story Cast we share how we came up with this crazy idea of a co-hosting our very own podcast. We share our mission and passion behind Story Cast and give you a glimpse of what you will hear in upcoming episodes. 

We chat about how we met, why we are such great friends and we even give you the details on some of our infamous travel experiences together. We share about our precious families, some of our hobbies and quirks, and even chat about the books we are reading. 

It is our passion to inspire other women to share their unique stories with the world. We believe that God put us on this earth for a specific purpose and we should all walk confidently throughout this life, because it is a true gift. 

Links From the Show

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Shiner, Texas Half Marathon

Fresh 15K

True Vine Brewing Company

Books We Are Reading

Your Story Matters

The Secret Life of Bees

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