Episode #10: Ashley Sinclair

Traci and Rebecca have a blast chatting with Ashley Sinclair about her love of music, her long time journey as an entrepreneur and new found passion for being a part of community.

Talk about a fun episode! Ashley is an entrepreneur to the core and is a mom of two precious daughters. She starts off by sharing how she met her hubby and their whirlwind romance. 

Ashley has been an entrepreneur since she was a young child. You are going to love her first business venture where she sold her siblings own toys back to them at a price. She shares the story of how her first business "Twinkle Toes" was born. You aren't going to want to miss it!

Ashley's passion for helping other entrepreneurs find success is weaved throughout this entire interview. You are going to learn so much from her.

Finally, Ashley shares her heart with us on how God has called her and Dan to build community around like minded people in their town of Lubbock. 

Enjoy the show!