Episode #11: Leticia Christen

This week on Story Cast Traci and Rebecca chat with Leticia Christen. Leticia is a mom of two that has helped her family pay off thousands of dollars of debt by learning to live on a budget. Because of her success with her own family's budget, she started a business called Live Love Budget where she walks others through the process of creating and living on a budget. 

Let's just start off by saying that we learned a ton of valuable budgeting lessons from Leticia on today's episode. It was so fun chatting and learning from her. 

Leticia is a mom to a beautiful daughter and rambunctious toddler son. She left her full time job in order to be a stay at home mom but found out quickly that the lifestyle they were living was way out of their family income. It was either make some drastic changes or go back to work. She decided she would attack her budget and work to pay off her family's debt. 

Not only has Leticia been successful at paying off thousands of dollars of debt but she has also found her passion. Helping others to develop a working family budget and get a handle on their debt. Leticia started Live Love Budget, a business that allows her the opportunity to coach others in debt management.

One of our favorite parts of our interview with Leticia was how she shared how living on a budget has brought her family much closer and even brought her closer with her husband. Money can be a big stress in a marriage and Leticia and her hubby are a testimony to the importance of a budget in our households. 

You are going to learn so much from Leticia. Enjoy this episode of Story Cast!

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