Episode #16: Joanna Ivey

Traci and Rebecca chat with Joanna Ivey on this episode of Story Cast. Joanna is a mom of two, a seamstress extraordinaire, and has a huge heart for missions. God is using her life full circle and she shares it all here with us. 

Our chat with Joanna left us both feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. 

Joanna started her journey as a single mom at 18. She shares her journey through that time with her new church family and her passion for changing her circumstances. 

We get to hear all about how she met her husband, there adoption story that is still being written, what sparked the idea for her business, Ivey Expressions, and how God called her to give it all away and how that led her to Project Free 2 Fly

Project Free 2 Fly is a nonprofit organization that was founded to serve unemployed women in the community who are wanting a new path in life that will lead to long term success in the workplace. 

Joanna now has the opportunity to mentor women that are striving to change their circumstances just like she was as that young, single momma. God truly took her story full circle.


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