Episode #2: Stephanie VanDyke

Story Cast #2 is with Stephanie VanDyke. Stephanie and her husband are full time missionaries with Youth With A Mission in Tyler, Texas. 

We are honored to have Stephanie as our first guest on Story Cast. Stephanie has four kiddos, two of which are twins. We loved learning what it is like to be a twin mom. Stephanie and her husband are taking their four kids on an upcoming seven week long mission trip. We had fun chatting about the logistics of that. She shared the story of how she met her husband, the journey God took her on finding her identify in Him and how working out with her personal trainer taught her to love her unique self. 

Stephanie has a passion for encouraging others when they are in the pit of a hard situation. Our favorite thing we learned about Stephanie is how she uses her song writing to bless others during their hardest moments. We promise that you will be blessed by everything you hear from Stephanie today. 

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