Episode #25: Traci & Rebecca

To celebrate the 25th episode of Story Cast, Traci & Rebecca switch things up a bit and put themselves in the hot seat by answering questions from their listeners. So much fun!

We are so excited about making it to our 25th episode of Story Cast. Six months ago when we started this podcast, we had no idea where God would take it. We knew He was calling us to celebrate women and their unique stories but couldn't help wondering if anyone would even listen outside of our family and friends. Hehe!

He has truly blessed this platform by bringing us the most precious guests who have been willing to be vulnerable and share their stories with not only us but our thousands of listeners. We are so grateful to a God that has bigger things planned than we could ever imagine. 

In celebration of our 25th episode we decided to put ourselves in the hot seat and answer some questions from you, our listeners. We share what we have loved about Story Cast so far this year, some of our favorite things, and where we see Story Cast going from here. 

We are both pretty transparent and share with you a time in both our lives where God has undoubtedly been at work. We hope you know how much we honor all of our listeners so we wanted to make sure and share part of our stories as well with you. Being vulnerable isn't always easy but God calls us to come together to celebrate and nurture one another through our struggles. 

We want to thank our guests, our listeners, our friends and family and everyone that has supported Story Cast so far. It is because of you and God's direction that we are simply giddy to be able to be a part of such an amazing platform. 

Enjoy today's show!

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