Episode #26: Bev DeSalvo

On this week's episode of Story Cast, Rebecca & Traci visit with Bev DeSalvo, author of Return to Joy. Bev shares her journey from brokenness to a greater intimacy with Jesus. 

One of our favorite parts of Story Cast is how God is bringing women to the show from all walks of life. In this episode we interview Bev DeSalvo, the author of Return to Joy. Bev is a pastor's wife and a women's ministry leader.

As a child of abuse, Bev spent many years pushing down the pain and working hard in ministry to avoid bringing that pain to the light. Over time she saw no way out of her anguish. But God had a different story in mind. He took her on a journey of brokenness to a greater intimacy with her Savior. 

"Walking the road of brokenness to greater intimacy with your Savior is scary. The way is littered with potholes of pain and obstacles from your past. But God walks every step with you. He calls and beckons you toward a life of freedom, vibrancy, and abundance."

As you listen to Bev's story, we pray that you will see bits of your own story intermixed. Enjoy!

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