Episode #27: Megan Craig

Happy July 4th everyone! On this episode of Story Cast, Traci & Rebecca interview Megan Craig, the creator behind New Eve Jewelry, a handmade jewelry business that helps those in need.

Megan Craig is the owner and designer behind New Eve Jewelry. Megan started her business back in 2012 with the idea of using her love for crafting jewelry to support others in need.

New Eve Jewelry is a Christian lifestyle brand that sells unique handmade jewelry that Megan designs and handcrafts from reclaimed vintage jewelry right in her East Tennessee studio.

During our conversation, Megan shares with us how the name "New Eve Jewelry" came about, how her and hubby met years ago at youth camp, and her struggle with postpartum depression. And of course we couldn't leave our conversation without sharing some of our favorite books we are loving right now.


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