Episode #28: Liz Riggs

On this episode, Rebecca & Traci chat with Liz Riggs, the kind heart behind "365 Acts of Kindness" that she is participating in this year in honor of her late nephew that she lost to suicide. Her heart is pure GOLD! You are going to absolutely love this episode and Liz's story.

Today's episode is going to truly touch your heart in places you didn't know existed! Liz Riggs is a mom of three, an independent college counselor and is committed to promoting kindness across the globe!

And she is a suicide loss survivor. 

Liz has lost three family member's to suicide. She openly shares her story and how she has a choice, and she chooses GRACE. 

This episode is so full of love, redemption and grace! We won't even attempt to go into detail here in our notes because there is no way to give it justice. Take our advice and listen in to this special episode of Story Cast. Blessings!

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