Episode #4: Beth Bills

Story Cast #4 is with Beth Bills. Beth is a mom to two girls and is a full time entrepreneur. She has a health and wellness business and just launched the East Texas Moms Blog.

In today's episode, we chat with Beth and her love for Waco, TX, how she and her husband fell in love with community right there in Waco and we chat about the importance of finding your tribe. Beth shares with us her adventures in traveling, living in China for a month while she was in college, and her recent trip to Italy. She shares with us how Whole 30 helped her feel better physically but also boosted her confidence. One thing the three of us all love to do together is run so we chat about our most recent half marathon. She even gives us the details on her first tattoo. 

Beth shares what it is like to be a mom while also being an entrepreneur. Beth just launched the East Texas Mom's Blog. You will love hearing her passion behind her dreams and plans for the new blog. 

You are going to love our conversation with Beth. Since we are all such good friends and call each other a member of our "tribe" we laugh a ton and share some of our secrets. Enjoy!

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