Story Cast #55: Tea Staegemann

On today's episode of Story Cast, Traci & Rebecca chat with Tea Staegemann. Tea's passion is to help business owners grow a God centered business. She is a business mentor, speaker and online trainer.

During today's episode of Story Cast, we chat with Tea Staegemann. Tea has a passion for women entrepreneurs and helping them grow a God centered business. 

Tea opens up about her journey from growing up in a small farming community in South Africa to her career in the restaurant business, motherhood and to now growing her own online training and speaking business. 

Having faced many battles with life's regular motions and suffering from depression for years, life wasn't always this rosy. Tea often felt like she was in a washing machine of emotions and guilt and in a cycle of financial ups and downs. She never quite felt like she had a grip on things.

Through her pain and the journey of discovery, she realized she had the gift of helping others break free from their limitations. Those things that are holding them back. To give them the clarity and the confidence to go out and be that person they were created to be.

We had the best time getting to know Tea's heart and hearing the message she has for all women. We know you will be just as blessed by Tea as we are! Enjoy!


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