Story Cast #56: Leigh Ann Cutting

On today's episode of Story Cast, Rebecca & Traci chat with Leigh Ann Cutting. Leigh Ann and her husband just adopted the most precious baby boy, Owen, from Bulgaria. Leigh Ann so graciously shares their beautiful story of God's grace and the journey he has had them on over these past few years. 

On today's episode Leigh Ann shares her and her husband's story of how they met (such a fun story), life as a long distance couple, their first pregnancy and then their journey through the adoption of Owen. 

Leigh Ann does such an amazing job sharing her and her family's unique situation that allowed them to truly follow God's plan for their lives, through the struggles, heart breaks and the amazing gift of their adoption journey. 

Today's episode is so timely. God truly has a unique plan for each of us. He not only gives us specific gifts and talents, but He also allows struggles in our lives to make us stronger, to show his love and grace on our lives, and his commitment to using us in magnificent ways! Enjoy this episode and please share it with someone that needs to hear God's message through Leigh Ann's story!