Story Cast #57: Emily Thomas

On this week's episode of Story Cast, Traci & Rebecca visit with Emily Thomas, the host of the popular podcast "Mom Struggling Well". 

We had a great time getting to know Emily on today's episode. We chat about her time teaching English in China, why she became a nurse, the adoption of her two kiddos and how her podcast Mom Struggling Well was born! On her podcast, Emily strives to give moms real-life examples showing it is actually possible to move from just struggling to struggling well.

Here from Emily herself..."I share this only because I have a hunch I'm not the only one who feels like they're stumbling from one hot mess to the next in a way that must be hard to watch.  So many things on the internet are polished and perfect and I want you to know it's not just YOU who can't quite get it together.  I'm struggling too."

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