Story Cast #60: Charisa Knight

Today, Rebecca & Traci chat with Charisa Knight. Charisa is an adoptive mom of two and the founder of Hawassa Hope, a nonprofit organization in Ethiopia focused on providing the basic needs of children and families. 

What a blessing it was to meet Charisa and hear her story. God placed adoption in Charisa's heart way before He did in her husband's. They have three biological children but it wasn't until Charisa's husband traveled overseas on a mission trip did God change his heart for adoption. 

Now they have three biological children, two adopted children from Ethiopia and are the founders of the nonprofit, Hawassa Hope in Ethiopia. The goal of Hawassa Hope is to keep families together and ensure access to education for their children, and to help families achieve financial independence through vocational training and initial financial support.

Throughout our conversation Charisa spoke of the adoption journey as one that is full of joy, full of redemption but still very hard. Throughout the process, she and her husband faithfully prayed that God would shut doors that they weren't supposed to go through. 

If you or anyone you know are interested in traveling with Hawassa Hope on a mission trip head on over to their website and take a look!


Hawassa Hope 

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