Story Cast #61: Becky Kiser

Today, Traci & Rebecca chat with Becky Kiser, founder of Sacred Holidays, a ministry dedicated to connecting the heart of women to the heart of God during peak seasons of women's lives. 

Becky’s greatest aim in life is that her life would make a significant impact on her world for the name of Christ. She hopes women would find confidence in following Jesus, studying His Word and living out what He has said. 

She often speaks at women's events and prisons-- encouraging both groups of women to love God and others. She is also a certified Myers-Briggs Personal and Executive Coach with Orbiting Normal, helping women and businesses achieve their goals quicker. She is addicted to ice tea and nail polish, loves Texas summers, and usually is reading 3 books at the same time (although it's a lot of picture books these days).

Becky lives in the Woodlands, Texas with her husband, Chris, and their three daughters: Karis, Moriah, and Chandler. They are a part of Church Project and aim to live out Jesus' instruction to love God and others.

During our conversation, we chat about the start of Sacred Holidays, her passion for helping women grow closer to the Lord through studying scripture during the holiday seasons that can easily get us off track, and the future of Sacred Holidays. We chat about one of Traci and Becky's new favorite books and Rebecca quickly realized that she needs a copy of this book STAT! And we all agreed that This Is Us is the best new show on television and we aren't sure why anyone wouldn't be watching it! Love, love!

Becky is generously offering a 10% discount to all Story Cast listeners for anything in the Lent Shop at Sacred Holidays. Simply use the discount code STORYCAST at checkout to get your discount!

You are truly going to be inspired and moved by Becky's fun personality and her awesome passion for serving women! Enjoy!!

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