Episode #7: Lindsay Long

Rebecca and Traci talk with Lindsay Long about her decade long love story with her husband before they were married, why she became an artist, and her journey with her daughter with special needs.

We had such a blast chatting with Lindsay. We were able to meet over coffee in Traci's office and visit with Lindsay in person. Lindsay shares how she met her hubby at Pine Cove Christian camp when she was 14 and their decade long journey through long distances and friendship to marriage. We chat about how unkind words from other kids led her to be an artist and her new business venture with her best friend Abbie, where Lindsay's love of art and Abbie's love of words come together. 

Lindsay is very open and candid and shares the story of her daughter with special needs. She talks about her love of journaling and memorizing scripture. She teaches us how she uses these two modes to embed the word in her heart.

Lindsay's heart is big and full of life. You aren't going to want to miss this episode!

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