Story Cast #53: Rebecca & Traci

Happy New Year! On this first episode of 2017, Rebecca & Traci recap all that happened in the past year, chat about some of their most memorable moments and share all the great things they have planned for the brand new year. 

Happy New Year everyone! We are so grateful for our first year of Story Cast and all the amazing stories we were able to share. Our show wouldn't be what it is without our fabulous guests and all the support from our listeners! You are all much loved!

On today's episode we recap 2016 and share all the great stuff we have planned for 2017. We talk about how and why Story Cast came to be, our goal and mission behind it and we even chat about some of our most memorable guests from 2016. 

In 2017, you are going to see some fun new things come from Story Cast. We will continue to interview amazing women each and every week on the podcast. On top of that, we are going to be highlighting some fabulous women and sharing their stories on our blog. Also, follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram because we are going to be highlighting some fun stories there as well. 

Our most exciting addition to Story Cast for 2017 is our new Coffee Break episodes. These episodes will air every other Thursday and will be exactly what the name suggests, a coffee break chat between the two of us, Traci & Rebecca. We will be chatting about lots of topics that we women face today, share some of our own stories and just get you caught up on life with Traci & Rebecca. It's going to be tons of fun!

So...stay tuned to Story Cast each and every week this year to be inspired, empowered, and entertained! 

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