Story Cast #59: Amber Settle

Today, on Story Cast, Traci & Rebecca interview Amber Settle. Amber works with Youth With A Mission in Tyler, Texas.

We had a great time learning about Amber and hearing her story. Amber is a creative musician that loves how music not only heals but restores us as well!

Amber met her husband while they were both on staff at Youth With A Mission here in Tyler, Texas. The staff at YWAM, with their eyes fixed on Christ, are there to help the students develop a meaningful walk with God, find their purpose and call and be launched into a life of Christian ministry.

During our chat with Amber, she shares the story of her father's death at a young age and how his and her shared love of music started her down the journey of her pursuit of music, which led her to YWAM. She shares that when we all start with our IDENTITY in Christ, that the rest will fall into place as it should. 

Amber is a part of the upcoming Inspire Conference March 3 - 4th. The purpose of this conference is to inspire worship & missions in the body of Christ! Check out all the details here!!


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